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Sara was having a very tough time with this problem this summer. She had used
the same type of set for three years with no problem. Suddenly four or five in
a row would have the end bent at a 90 degree angle when removing. She tried
four different areas of her body, same results. I tried very hard to work with
Disetronic who kept insisting that it was a user problem.
They kept passing me to their CDE's who would relate the same stuff to me
every time. I would tell them we were doing everything right, but noooo. It
seemed to not matter to them that she had used the same type of set for three
years without ever encountering this problem. Finally after two months of
talking to them and doing everything their way I lost my red haired temper
(blows very very rarely but when it does no one is left standing and I take no
prisoners) and I insisted that they send new sets with a completely different
lot number. I am sure there are two individuals at Disetronic who remember the
crazed lady insisting that they change their tune and do it with a better
attitude than I had gotten so far. They did not want to do this, like it would
break their business. I can remember when we started with Disetronic and they
were so nice.
We got new sets with a different lot number and presto chango no bent cannulas
from set one. Amazing. I must admit that I was duplicitous at the end. They
wanted me to send the unused sets back to them. Oh I agreed on the phone but
they never got them back. No way was I going to send those faulty cannulas
back so they could pass them onto some other unsuspecting pumper. As soon as
the new ones arrived and we used a few sets with no problems I threw the old
ones in the trash. When it comes to stable insulin delivery I think the
suspicion of a problem is enough evidence to suggest swift and decisive
actions, like a trash can.
Needless to say when it came time to change pumps this summer we did not go
with Disetronic. Switched to Animas and so far the folks there have treated me
like a knowledgeable person when we talk.
So remember that you are dealing with manufactured products and things can go
wrong in the production of the items.
Hope your problem is solved quicker than Sara's. She felt so bad this summer
so I know you are not exaggerating your frustration and anxiety.
Michael also had some advise about inserting perpendicular to the motion of
the underlying muscle. This may not apply to you since your set goes in at a
90 degree angle.
Pam, mom to Sara
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