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[IP] Re: To The Leadership of MiniMED

Don Crooks wrote:
Attention All MiniMED Representatives:
Before buying your product, the Paradigm, my wife and I watched your
marketing video which said how you would be there to support us through any
difficulty and any technical deficiencies. We took a lot of time to make
sure that the pump we selected would come from a first class corporation.
We chose MiniMed because we believed that you would take care of us. We
chose to use pump technology because we believed it would help my wife to
better control her sugar levels and so that we could get to an A1-C that we
could have children of our own with as little risk of birth defects as
We had our first paradigm for three months. Why only three months? Because
it broke down with some E21 error. When my wife called tech support to help
troubleshoot her pancreas the response was, All our technical service
representatives are assisting other customers. May I please take your
information and have someone call you back?

Unluckily I agree with you.  I went through the same exact ordeal when my
MM507C stopped working last month.  It got very frustrating, I almost tossed
the darn thing out the door, but hubby wouldn't let me.  After alarms going
off right and left, no delivery's, no kinks, no nothing found, I got fed up
and called again.  I ended up telling them they either get me a
coach/supervisor NOW or else they would have a problem with me.  Well,
needless to say, no one was available.  Finally two and half hours later I
think it was, someone finally called.  They told me they were training new
people, and I got one of the new ones, with a supervisor on the line also.
Well the supervisor cut in so much to as questions etc, she might as well
have been the one handling the call to begin with.
Needless to say, I gave them a piece of my mind about having to wait two +
hours for service, meanwhile, my bg had shot up to over 400 and I had taken
a shot, had changed my sets, etc etc.  What a pain.
My next pump probably won't be a MM, unless some major improvements happen
with their customer service department.
Good luck!
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