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[IP] Re: Relationships with other 'betics.

On 11/3/02 7:24 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 19:30:13 -0600
> From: "Stephe V Howell" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] OFF TOPIC!
> Sorry this is an off topic subject. I am from the Dallas/Ft Worth area in TX.
> I am a single diabetic with  a lot of complications. I am trying to find some
> companionship with the opposite sex who also suffer from Diabetes or who deal
> with as well.  I have a couple of disastrous relationships because they could
> not deal with it so I am looking for new friends who can deal with it. Sorry
> if this sounds desperate or to forward but it is hard for me to get out right
> now and I am relying on the internet for support. Thanks for listening.
> Stephen Howell dxd valentines '70  Animas R1000  9/02

Well, you can try if if you want to but it's when you STOP LOOKING that
someone comes along.

I left my footprint on my ex0husband's butt and said H*** with dudes! and
carried on with MY life. It was a few years later I met Thomas.

This Hairy beast has been hanging around waiting for the scraps I throw to
him and won't go home! Even after nine years this coming President's day the
big Lug still Loves me. I did not ply him with 'feminine wiles' He just
kinda followed me around me around.....

HE is not diabetic and He is sometimes a boorish crass dude, but y'know,
he's ALL Mine (Ulp!)

Don't add the diabetes to your criteria. You will lose out by shutting out
what? 90% of the population on average. There are a lot of D***Heads out
there but there are also NICE folk with a lot to offer if you don't shut
them out.
Using the iBook MY FELLA bought for me!

Jenny Sutherland
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