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[IP] Re: Phenol

On 11/3/02 3:00 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> - --> As far as I can see, only the first of "Acute Effects" you included in
> your post includes dermal exposure. All the rest are through oral exposure.
> :

Sheesh, if that's what can happen if you have it on your skin or when you
swallow it, IMAGINE...just Imagine what could happen when you (Gasp!) INJECT
into into your body......Wowzers!

My Medicaid doesn't cover NL, Only HL.

NOW they've canned the twice yearly teeth cleaning and exams. Juuuuuuust
GREAT! I don't have any Periodontal dz.........


They're starting to go back to once a year on December 1st. OF COURSE my
next appointment was for the 11th of Dec, so, as usual *I* miss out.
Failure is not an option....It comes bundled with the software
                                              (---Bill Gates ?)

Jenny Sutherland
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