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Re: [IP] New Pump Questions

> One other question, what do some of you do with the thing while you sleep?
> I twist and turn and toss a lot and it seems like I'll wake up in the
> morning either detached or all tangled up in tubing!!

John,  when my son went on the pump last Feb. we weren't sure what
to do with it at night.    He had the MM508 and ended up just clipping
it to the front of his boxers.   That way he was fine when sleeping on
his sides or back.

Then in August he got the MMParadigm which doesn't have a clip on
it like the 508 did.    He tried the hard holster case which has a flat
clip on it, but hated it.   He then tried the soft case which has a clip on
back, but the clip has a bend to it at the end that jabs you in the stomach.

He started just laying it on the bed next to him, but was worried he'd
loose it in his sleep (though I told him about others who sleep natural
so there's nothing to clip it to and how they just lay it in the bed with

So he resorted to buying soft knit shorts with pockets in them and just
tosses the pump in the pocket.   Just bought him 2 prs of flannel sleep
pants with pockets too.   Though sometimes I'll come in and find it out
of his pocket and laying on the bed next to him.   And we've only had
one occassion since getting the pump where he's woken up and found it
disconnected and laying on the floor by the bed.


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12 1/2,  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02,
Paradigm  8/16/02) --------Jennifer (20), Allison (17), Rachel (6)
Fenton, MO
email @ redacted
Independent Kitchen Consultant for THE PAMPERED CHEF.

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