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Re: [IP] Two paradigms in two weeks - bad MiniMed Service

"I was under the impression that that is how it's supposed to work. I mean
the 508 anyway. (Maybe MM has me duped, but I'm a electronic tech and it
seems to make sense to me,) I use a MM508 and once in a while the buttons
don't respond. I was told it was because the pump is running a test and
during that period of time, about 1 minute, the pump wont do anything. I
just wait for it to go away and it's fine."

I'm sorry, but that seems like anything but normal.  I know that by now I must
sound like a basher to some, but the service issues that I have read some
complain of are becoming all too common; especially amongst the Minimed folk.
I expect a computer to go on the fritz once in awhile, not a life-sustaining
device.  I also don't expect support staff to be unreacheable for hours on
end, the way some mfg's treat their responsibilities is down right appalling.

"If they are
"increasing their tech support people" Why? Did they lose a bunch of tech
support folks? Or did the paradigm increase sales that much that hey need
to hire more support people?"

The other alternative that you left out is that perhaps the Paradigm has more
"issues" than even the 50x series.
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