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Re: [IP] Two paradigms in two weeks - bad MiniMed Service

I was under the impression that that is how it's supposed to work. I mean 
the 508 anyway. (Maybe MM has me duped, but I'm a electronic tech and it 
seems to make sense to me,) I use a MM508 and once in a while the buttons 
don't respond. I was told it was because the pump is running a test and 
during that period of time, about 1 minute, the pump wont do anything. I 
just wait for it to go away and it's fine.
I know you said a Paradigm,  but it might be very much the same design.
The E21 means some sort of electrical interference doesn't it? I can't 
remember, but that might have been caused because you took the battery out.

I really wish MM would be consistent in their stories and get a good set of 
answers for people who call in and want to know this stuff. If they are 
"increasing their tech support people" Why? Did they lose a bunch of tech 
support folks? Or did the paradigm increase sales that much that hey need 
to hire more support people?

When I turned it back on, I got an E21 alarm. After re-programming the pump 
with all my basals and such, I left it disconnected until I could talk to a 
MiniMed Tech Rep. I called the 24- hour line at 4:00 PM(before even 
troubleshooting the 
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