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[IP] bent cannulas

I'm hoping to get some feedback.  I've been on the pump for over a year,
and I just love it.  I started on the 508 using 6 mm sof-sets, (never a
problem) then went to the Paradigm switching to the 6 mm quick sets.  I'm
about to quit the whole thing out of frustration. 

The last 3 weeks, nearly every single cannula has been crimping in my
body.  I'm talking changing the site 4-5 a day until it miraculously
doesn't kink.  My sugars fly up to 600 because the pump was not letting
me know of "no delivery."  Obviously, I feel like garbage.

I've sent the supplies back to MM, bought a new inserter, and they sent
me a new pump...but just today, I tried to switch sites and I've had to
change it 5 times today.  I just broke down and cried.  I love being on
the pump, but this is not healthy. 

Has anyone else had this problem?  Could it be a bad batch of inserters? 
I'm going to try the paradigm soft set when they arrive in the mail (they
sent me the 508 by mistake, grrr), but for now, I'm gonna try shots.  


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