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[IP] Two paradigms in two weeks - bad MiniMed Service

I'm a new pumper as of last May. I went with the Pardigm because it was the 
only pump covered by my insurance (Kaiser Permenente of Colorado). It 
sounded like one of the best out there at the time, and I loved it for the 
first 4 1/2 months. On Thursday a week and a half ago, the screen froze on 
my Paradigm. I managed to get it to work again by leaving the battery out 
for several minutes. When I turned it back on, I got an E21 alarm. After 
re-programming the pump with all my basals and such, I left it disconnected 
until I could talk to a MiniMed Tech Rep. I called the 24- hour line at 4:00 
PM(before even troubleshooting the pump myself), and was told all tech reps 
were busy and someone would call us back. At 5:00 PM, having not received a 
call back, I called again and got the same line. At 6:00 PM we called again, 
and again were told someone would call us back. At 6:30, we called and 
demanded to speak to a tech service rep. This part was probably a mistake, 
but they hung up on us. About 10 minutes later, we got a call from a tech 
rep who told us not to re-connect, that they would send a new one that would 
not arrive until Saturday morning, and that I should contact my Doctor to 
deal with my insulin needs in the mean time. Being a generally over-prepared 
person, I had my backout plan ready, and gave myself shots every 3 hours to 
cover basal, and the next morning borrowed a loaner pump from my doctor's 

Now, while all this was not terribly fun, I can understand that mechanical 
devices fail, and they did respond with what I needed within two days.

Fast-Forward to today. Have been using the replacement pump that MiniMed 
sent for just over a week. I go to bolus for lunch at Red Lobster, and the 
buttons don't work. Same exact scenario as last time. I've only had the pump 
for a week this time, and I'm back in the same place - no working insulin 
pump. Call MiniMed, and GEE, all tech service reps are busy, can they call 
me back. This time I got a call back in half an hour, and I'll be getting a 
new pump on Tuesday. (fun shots every few hours or the joys of NPH until 
then) I know that we as diabetics are often overly sensative to failures 
like this, but after all, it is our lives we're talking about. Diabetes is 
one of the top ten causes of death, beating out Breast Cancer or AIDS, and I 
don't want to become part of that statistic today. I am beginning to doubt 
the abilities of MiniMed - I have not heard these stories with other pump 
comanies, and am seriously considering paying out of my own pocket for a 
pump from a company who will give me two pumps or at least better customer 
service - especially when I'm planing a pregnancy next year.

Thanks for listening

Type 1 7 years, pumping 5 months with Buzz/Buzz2 the MiniMed Paradigm

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