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Re: [IP] Numbness in Hands -- Why does Humalog have trace amounts of phenol?

>"Susan Kinzelman" <email @ redacted> Wrote:
> Does anyone know why Humalog has trace amounts of phenol?
> Does Novalog also have this? (Someone look on the Novalog box if you have

-->My Novalog shows phenol 1.50 mg per mL;each mL contains 100 units of

--> As far as I can see, only the first of "Acute Effects" you included in
your post includes dermal exposure. All the rest are through oral exposure.

> Acute Effects:
>   * Inhalation and dermal exposure to phenol is highly irritating to the
> skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans. (1-3)
> * Phenol is considered to be very toxic to humans through oral exposure,
> with ingestion of 1 g reported to be lethal, with symptoms including
> weakness and tremors, loss of coordination, paralysis, convulsions, coma,
> and respiratory arrest. (1-3)
> * Blood changes, liver and kidney damage, and cardiac toxicity including
> weak pulse, cardiac depression, and reduced blood pressure have been
> reported in humans acutely exposed to phenol by the oral route. (1,2)
> * Acute (short-term) animal tests, such as the LD50 tests in rats, mice,
> and rabbits, have shown phenol to have high acute toxicity from oral
> exposure. (4)

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