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re:[IP] Paradigm or Minimed 508

From: "ernie garcia" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Paradigm or Minimed 508

<snip> My HMO ( Group Health Northwest) has approved a replacement-- a Minimed 508,
but won't pay for a Paradigm directly. They say I can pay the difference,

As I understand it, I also get a $ 500.00 trade-in allowance for my 507 .

What are the advantages of a Paradigm over a 508 ?  <snip>

I had a 507 for 4 years and a 506 before that.  I have a Paradigm now.  There is simply no
comparison.  The Paradigm is the newest technology.  It includes easier to use menus, with an
escape key; easier to fill reservoirs; it is waterproof; it tells me when I am running out of
insulin without me having to tell it how much insulin I put in the reservoir (it calculates that
accurately); it uses AAA batteries, it has four lines of information, so if I want to see what my
current basal settings are, I can do a 'basal review' and see four settings at once.  Same thing
with my bolus history, alarm history, etc - 4 lines at a time.  
You should get the Paradigm, unless having a reservoir that only holds 180 units would be a
problem for you.
I got a $400 trade in for my 507, back in February.  I don't know if they have increased it, or if
they make different offers to each one of us.
They were excellent with my exchanging my supplies.   I just called the returns department and
told them I had unopened boxes that I needed to exchange.  They gave me excellent step by step
Linda Bork
pumping 7 years!

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