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Re: [IP] Hot tubs

On 11/3/02 12:45 PM, "Julie Rachiele" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I haven't used a hot tub since I started pumping in July.  But in my pump
> training, the CDE said that a hot tub was not only bad for the pump, but
> would ruin the insulin under the skin causing high blood sugars after I
> reconnected.  Her advice was to disconnect and then change the set after
> using a hot tub.  I don't know how valid this advice is; the high blood
> sugar problem hasn't been reported here yet by any real pump users.

Depends on how hot the hot tub is, hotter than the 98.6 temperature of your
body?  Then there might be some loss in potency over time.  But how much
time would there be before the insulin is actually put to use?  The reality
is that the hot water increases the absorption rate for the insulin that has
been infused, so a low is more likely than a high.  I would not change sets
unless the hot water has loosened the adhesive tape on the set.  Most people
disconnect before entering a hot tub, but if you plan on a long soak, then
place the pump outside the tub and as much of the tubing OUT of the water as
possible.  Perhaps plan on using an arm site during those times.    :>)

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