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[IP] Numbness in Hands -- Why does Humalog have trace amounts of phenol?

Does anyone know why Humalog has trace amounts of phenol?
Does Novalog also have this? (Someone look on the Novalog box if you have one)

I'm wondering because, call me crazy, but when I keep my glucose at my 
target of 100, I often wake up with numb hands. If I keep it higher, I have 
no problems.
I just noticed on the Humalog carton that Humalog contain "trace amounts of 
phenol." If you look up info on phenol, it's very toxic. The web page 
says  "ORAL exposure" but I would think any exposure would not be good.

I don't know if it's enough to cause problems, but why is there at all?

This is the link I was looking at:

The next few paragraphs are from that page:

Acute Effects:
  * Inhalation and dermal exposure to phenol is highly irritating to the 
skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in humans. (1-3)

* Phenol is considered to be very toxic to humans through oral exposure, 
with ingestion of 1 g reported to be lethal, with symptoms including muscle 
weakness and tremors, loss of coordination, paralysis, convulsions, coma, 
and respiratory arrest. (1-3)

* Blood changes, liver and kidney damage, and cardiac toxicity including 
weak pulse, cardiac depression, and reduced blood pressure have been 
reported in humans acutely exposed to phenol by the oral route. (1,2)

* Acute (short-term) animal tests, such as the LD50 tests in rats, mice, 
and rabbits, have shown phenol to have high acute toxicity from oral 
exposure. (4)
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