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Re: [IP] New Pump Questions

Hi John,

I started pumping in July with an Animas and had some similar concerns.  I
was a little apprehensive about being attached for the rest of my life, but
it's turned out to be no big deal at all emotionally.  And, of course, you
can always go back to shots if you don't like it (but you will like it!), or
to take a "pump vacation".

My major concern was with sleeping--I am also a wild sleeper, and since I
sleep "au natural"--or is it "al fresco"?  "a la mode"?  "a la orange"?
<:~) ---I worried about getting disconnected.  I started out with a "waist
http://www.velocityinteractive.com/moeo/uni/215.html which is a soft elastic
waist band with a little pouch to put the pump in.  Sometimes, I'll
double-wrap it around my lower thigh, instead.

I also use a "thigh thing" (these are really their actual names!)
which is a wide stretchy band you slip on over your foot.  These are great
as long as you are prone--when you stand up, your pump and holder will slip
down and dangle by the tubing.

There is also a "leg thing" which is just like the "thigh thing"
=0 but it sits just below the knee.  That was less comfortable for me.

I've only gotten disconnected once when I just laid the pump on the bed next
to me instead of using a holder.

You can also get boxer short, t-shirts, PJs, and sweats with pump pockets
built in.  A couple other suppliers are:




And I'm sure MiniMed and Disetronic have their own stores, too.

Best wishes!

Lisa Mattox

----- Original Message -----
From: "John Anderson" <email @ redacted>
>...what will it be like having this thing attached to me for the better
part of eternity?  So my question is, how long did it take for some of you
to adjust to wearing the pump, and what were some of your experiences
adjusting to the pump? One other question, what do some of you do with the
thing while you sleep?   I twist and turn and toss a lot and it seems like
I'll wake up in the
> morning either detached or all tangled up in tubing!!
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