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Re: [IP] Paradigm or Minimed 508

> I jst got my paradigm last monday and I love it. 
> I wore a 508 for a week as a saline run

Of course, there are many opinions on all pumps.  I got my Paradigm in
July in the 508 exchange program and I HATE IT!  The only reason I did
the upgrade is that I had major static problems with my 508 and was
assured by MM that the Paradigm would be better.  However, by Sept, I
already had a loaner paradigm as mine had malfunctioned one too many
times. I'm still waiting for word from MM of when I might get it back.  

But I take a lot of insulin and have to refill it often.  It's not a
hard process, but it is a an added step I now have to do.  Also, my
insurance paid for the 508 batteries, so it meant nothing to me that the
P takes "regular" batteries.  My original P batteries were having to be
changed every day in the end before I got the loaner.

Although the P is menu driver, the font itself seems to be smaller and,
at least for me, is much more difficult for me to see.  

There are other reasons why I hate the P, but I'm sure you're tired of
my thoughts on it.  However, my son also has a P and he could be the MM
poster boy for it -- has never had a problem with either his 508 or P
and absolutely loves his new pump!

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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