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[IP] Re: Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

Yesterday I wrote:

<<However, Canada does a very good job with our much lower percentage
spending.  I read a major study in the Irish Times newspaper sometime in the
last two years, that compared health care in about 8 different countries. 
Darrin, you might be surprised to find that Canada was rated very highly and
I think perhaps it was the top of their list.   Comparisons are a complicated
matter, of course, when you can introduce so many different criteria and
variables.  >>

For anyone who is interested, I found the details of these newspaper stories.
 They were published in the Irish Times in October 2001, with the Canadian
stories published October 20 and the other countries just before and after
that date.  The articles, which were very extensive, can be accessed on the
internet, however, it is a premium service and will cost money to do so.

One story about Canada was headlined "Equal Access to Quality Healthcare"
with the description: "Canada is a health consumer's utopia.  For an observer
and indeed, consumer of the jaded and dysfunctional Irish health system, it
is a refreshing place to visit."

Their stories on the USA had the following descriptions: "For sophisticated
Americans who have good insurance and good income, the quality of healthcare
in the USA is unsurpassed";
"Not everyone can live the American dream";
"At least 15 per cent of the USA population, some 40 million people including
10 million children, have no health insurance"; and
"Healthcare in the USA is just another commodity"

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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