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Re: [IP] Congratulate Me On My First Bad Infusion Set

Okay.................Congrats on your first bad infusion set!

As far as air in your tubing,  a quarter inch of air in the tubing isn't bad.

It takes an inch of air in the tubing to equal  one half unit of insulin.

You can prep a pump and not see a single bubble in the tubing or
resevoir at the time of insertion and still end up with air in either
eventually.   Lots of possible causes:   leaky o-rings,  gas build-up
in your insulin bottle which then transfers to the resevoir,   change
of temp of the insulin,  etc.

Sounds more like your problem was just a site going bad.   Had this one
stayed in longer than usual or did you do something really physical
that you don't normally do that could have moved the canulla inside you
just enough to cause a partial occlucion or crimping?

When Zachary had the flu a week ago we had just changed his site the
night before and I'd done a tummy site.    After about 4 hours of vomiting
we had to change his site.    The injections we were giving didn't seem
to be enough.    He had it so bad he threw up off and on for four days,
much of it pretty violently.    We did another site change to the other
side of his tummy and it went out in about 6 hours.   Thats when we
made the connection that all the tummy muscle constrictions weren't
helping out with his sites.    Two in a row were totally bent.


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