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Yea, Rod I would like to suggest something.  When you have the Glucowatch 
chat ask those people what the REAL poop is on what it takes to get one of 
their watches.  I have been told by TWO of their people from the main office 
that they would like to give people, especially kids, a chance to TRY the 
watch before commiting to buying one.  I just had the latest conversation 
with Kerry who works with Cheryl who BOTH told me this same thing.  So they 
were getting in touch with our area rep-Becky- who covers the WA state area 
to get in touch with our endo.  She never has bothered to do this and on top 
of that another mom on this list was told by others in the company that they 
do NOT do the 'sample' watches any longer.  Oh, and if THAT isn't enough I am 
STILL waiting for Steve Buttkus from Cygnus to respond to my email dated Oct 
12th.  That email has been forwarded to Cheryl as well, at her request.

For a company who has such a new product out they sure are making it hard for 
we, the people, to even get a look at their product.  Makes ya wonder what is 
WRONG with it that they don't want you to know about.....HMMMMMMMM????!!!!

mom to Joshua up in WA state and STILL waiting!!!!!
but not for long!!!!!!
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