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[IP] Congratulate Me On My First Bad Infusion Set

    Do I get a prize for having my first bad set? I've just started pumping
October 10th. Today my BG started climbing after dinner and peaked out at 509
mg/dl, but started coming back down because I used a syringe to inject my
    I changed out the reservoir and set (Quickset) and found about a quarter
of an inch of air in the tubing (There may have been more that I missed
earlier). When I put that set in my reservoir was completely bubble free. I
mean I really look close at that stuff when hooking up. I primed and looked
for leaks or air in the tubing and all was well.
    Then it failed. I don't know how air got into the tubing but it did. I
probably got a dose of air when I bolused for dinner. I didn't have any
Ketostix to check for ketones, but I'm coming down now and drinking lots of
non-caloric fluids.
    I'm curious as to where the air crept in. I'm really serious about saying
that I double and triple check everything for air. I do this because I want
good control without silly little mistakes in the mechanics of pumping messing
things up.
    Oh well, I'm going to check my BG again and make sure I'm still dropping
then check how much residual insulin I have floating around in me from my
correction to make sure I won't drop too low during the night.
    Isn't experience wonderful? Geez, I can't wait for all of the other pump
things to go wrong so I can get them out of the way and earn my Pumper's Hall
Of Fame card. Oh, if there were such a thing eh? <grin>

Cody S. Alderson
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