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Re: [IP] Quick set VS Soft Set

    I practiced with an old set. I followed the directions in the workbook
and didn't try to hold onto the release tabs when reconnecting (Look at your
workbook). The Quicksets are not named correctly. I think MiniMed should
call them, "Pain in the butt sets."
    However, to the Quicksets credit I did get the hang of reconnecting
after practicing with an old set for a few minutes. I was overdoing it, so
to speak, when reconnecting. I was trying to force it out of frustration. It
is truly a, "Quickset" if your fingers work well enough to get the feel for
    And the blood in the tubing probably isn't the type of set you just
probably hit a bad spot when hooking it up. It must have went into a small
blood vessel when you inserted. No biggie, just hook up another set and wait
for the old spot to heal.

Cody S. Alderson

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> . . . I'm  going to go back to the Quick sets but need >help! How do you
get the cap back  on easier?
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