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[IP] Paradigm or Minimed 508

I've been pumping with Humalog and a Minimed 507 for ~ 4 years. It finally
died last week.
My HMO ( Group Health Northwest) has approved a replacement-- a Minimed 508,
but won't pay for a Paradigm directly. They say I can pay the difference,

Anyone know what the price difference is? Group Health will pay 80% of a
Minimed 508. Prices don't seem available on Minimed's web page.
As I understand it, I also get a $ 500.00 trade-in allowance for my 507 .

What are the advantages of a Paradigm over a 508 ?

I have a lot of supplies--which will fit the 508, and not the Paradigm, and
Minimed says they'll take the supplies in trade for the Paradigm supplies.
Any comments on how well this works and how reliable this would be? (I'm not
too worried about having leftover 507/508 supplies, as I'm sure I can find a
home for them --probably on this list).

But is the Paradigm worth the money? What does it give me over the 507/508 ?
ernie garcia
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