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[IP] Re: Canadian/Ontario healthcare

All of this talk about the Canadian healthcare system has got me thinking
about my own situation. I very recently (4 weeks ago) went off my
father's health insurance. I can barely afford to pay my rent let alone
medical supplies. My father is helping me out financially while I look at
my options but I'm worried that I'm draining his bank account as he
doesn't have much to spare. I get 65% of my strips paid for my the
Canadian Diabetes Association and I'm applying for the Trillium
Foundation. My worry is that the Trillium Foundation will not accept me
until the beginning of their fiscal year (August, 2003) and even then it
will not pay for pump supplies.  Are there any other options out there
that I'm missing out on? If I don't figure out something I'll have to go
off my pump in January and I don't even want to think about that. Anyone
from Ontario have any suggestions?
Sara M
P.S. I also wrote to the MP who is petitioning for pump coverage in


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