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[IP] Re: Warranty =new pump?

That's exactly it. When my daughter started pumping there were
only 2 pumps to choose from so naturally, we chose the one we
thought was best suited to her needs. Now there are what, 9 pumps
to choose from, and some of them make it possible to really,
really fine tune the basals (and even the boluses with one in
particular.) We would like to upgrade to one of the newer pumps
because we aren't getting the level of control we would like to
see with the pump she has (it's still better than when she was on
mdi but it could be better). I firmly believe that those tiny
basal/bolus increments can make a huge difference for some
people. Our (military) insurance currently says they won't
upgrade until the current pump breaks (doesn't matter if it's out
of warranty) so we'll be paying out of pocket to upgrade. We'll
donate our used pumps (htrons) so someone else can benefit from
them. They definitely won't go to waste.

Take care, Kerri
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RoseLea said:
Because the newer pumps have newer technology that may better
help someone control their diabetes. I would look for a newer
pump to get additional features that my current pump doesn't
have.  It's just like computers.  I have an old 286 that still
works, but its limitations are not practical for much of today's
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