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Re: [IP] Quick set VS Soft Set

I had the same problem with the first quick set I used it took 45 minutes to get the stupid thing reconnected, I am on my 3rd now and find it really easy its really a matter of not trying!!  I also find if I stretch the skin around the tape while connecting it helps as it makes a harder surface to push on.  Have you tried the sillhouettes?  maybe they would work better?  anyway it will get easier and just dont try to hard and you don't have to squeeze to reconnect only to disconnect.

I have a paradigm and just wear the whole thing in the tub!!  I but it on a face cloth on a little soap holder we have and it works great and I don't have to worry about it getting wet!


Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

> I need some help please, I'm new to pumping. They started me out 
> using the 
> Quick Sets but I find them hard to get back on after disconnecting 
> for shower 
> etc! Yesterday I just couldn't no matter how hard I tried get it 
> back on. I 
> finally laid down and my husband got it reconnected after a lot of 
> twisting. 
> (ouch) well, last night at work it was a little sore so I took a 
> look at it, 
> and there was blood all though out the tubing. (a lot of blood) 
> Minimed also 
> gave me some samples of Soft set with the disconnect tail. So I 
> decided to 
> give them a try. OUCH how come that hurt so much? Today there 
> isn't any blood 
> in the tube but the site is really sore. What is your opinion? Did 
> I do 
> something wrong or does the soft sets just hurt more then the 
> quick set? I'm 
> going to go back to the Quick sets but need help! How do you get 
> the cap back 
> on easier?
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