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Re: [IP] Quick set VS Soft Set

> I need some help please, I'm new to pumping. They started me out using the
> Quick Sets but I find them hard to get back on after disconnecting for
> etc! Yesterday I just couldn't no matter how hard I tried get it back on.
> finally laid down and my husband got it reconnected after a lot of
> (ouch) well, last night at work it was a little sore so I took a look at
> and there was blood all though out the tubing. (a lot of blood) Minimed
> gave me some samples of Soft set with the disconnect tail. So I decided to
> give them a try. OUCH how come that hurt so much? Today there isn't any
> in the tube but the site is really sore. What is your opinion? Did I do
> something wrong or does the soft sets just hurt more then the quick set?
> going to go back to the Quick sets but need help! How do you get the cap
> on easier?

i've found it easier to get the quick sets back on if i'm keeping my back
straight - especially if i'm standing.  i'll put index and middle fingers
around it on the tape to keep the skin a little more taught, make sure that
the parts are lined up, and then turn.  sometimes it resists, but you just
gotta relax and not force it, otherwise it will hurt a fair bit.  keeping
the skin still - why i put fingers down on the tape around it - stops it
from twisting and hurting.

good luck
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