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[IP] Re: Need some ideas

I had these same concerns this summer about Sara's TDD and the wild
fluctuations. I asked our endo what are the TDDs he usually sees in 16 year
old girls. It is very common, actually the norm, for teen girls to have TDDs
between 83 and 100 units a day. I was shocked. It is the female hormone thing.
The fluctuations are wild and we have found with Sara what works one month
means nothing the next month.
Sara's TDD are lower than the ones he sees in most girls because she swims so
much so he is very happy. But for us....a common line at our house is "we hate
I have no advise but to stay on top of everything and realize that daily
adjustments are the rule rather than the norm. But as usual it is Sara who
bears the brunt of this, the fluctuations just simply make her feel rotten and
nervous. She never knows what is going to happen next.
I guess I would say the only absolute for a female teen with diabetes is the
pizza effect.
Nice to know there is one thing you can absolutely count on everytime.
Pam, mom to Sara
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