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Re: [IP] Re: Warranty =new pump?

On 11/1/02 1:25 PM, "Artorius Rex" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I had to pay $1000 out of pocket to get my pump.  This means that I could have
> two out of warranty repairs for the price of one new pump.  But...
> My issue isn't with replacing pumps that have shown to be unreliable due to
> repairs after the warranty period expires.   My issue is with people who think
> that replacing a pump just because the warranty has expired is a fiscally
> responsible thing to do.

JMO, but it is the Insurance Companies that "refuse" to pay for an insulin
pump that are fiscally irresponsible.  The cost of the pump to the insurance
company (what they Actually pay) is made back in saved claims in far shorter
time than what they amortize it in.   And the improved features that come
out in newer pumps only offer the patient greater control, less loss, better
ratios for the company. So getting a new pump is NOT fiscally irresponsible.

That's my two cents, or my two minutes 11 seconds worth of premium.

George    :>)
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