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Re: [IP] Re: Pump Serial Number List

On 10/30/02 11:12 AM, "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Regarding this topic and George's reply a few days ago about MM being the only
> pump company that gives out refurbished pumps.  One of my "pump buddies" who
> also has a D. H-tron+ was telling me about finding out that she did indeed
> have a refurb. pump!  So, I was just wondering about George's statement.
> Strange contradiction, is all.  Maybe she was confused but I don't think so.
> Anyway, I'm still all for the serial number idea!
> --janet

I don't think that you could call it "refurbished" as that would imply that
certain internal parts may be replaced.  What your friend purchased was a
"used pump" which had undergone a technical inspection to see that it still
conformed to established standards.  Disetronic does NOT open pumps and
replace malfunctioning parts.  If a pump fails a tech. inspection it goes
into the "garbage".  Minimed DOES open pump cases and replace defective
parts and is the ONLY company that I am aware of that presently does this.

George    :>)
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