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Re: [IP] Why'd I get a pump

<<I'm wondering: How many people on this list got a pump because of
complications or the fear of getting them?>>

I tried to get Michelle on the pump 3 years ago, but the doctor was a strange person (very strange) so we found a different endo, then she moved, then found a new endo and she too has now moved away.  With the newest doctor, all still at same clinic, her first question for us after the usual inspection/exam was "Have you thought about putting Michelle on the pump?"  That was this past October.  My main reason for wanting one for her was better control.  Michelle is 12 and was dignosed one month after her 4th birthday and is now showing signs of neuropthy in her feet.  The doctor is keeping a close eye on it.  Anyways, our Paradigm arrives Tuesday and pump classes start Nov. 12 for us!!!!!   I just can't wait!

mom to Wesley 16, Michelle 12, dx'd 8/94, Jennifer 8, Hailey 3

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