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[IP] Re: Misconceptions About Canadian Health Insurance

>You do not pay to take an ambulance in an emergency.

Yes.  $210 minimum (at last known cost for emergencies (Nova Scotia)).

Also in hospital operations have user fees.  I have paid these myself 
(again, Nova Scotia).

>If you are low-income, however, most provinces have programs (such as
>Trillium in Ontario) that will pay most of the cost of required drugs, such
>as insulin.

NOt "most".  One only:  Ontario.  One reason I moved ot Ontario is 
because healthcare costs less here than in the east where there is 0% 
assistance and seniors must pay a $300 - $2000 per year healthcare 
premium to the provincial government or be banned from healthcare.

>  If what you require is not on the "approved" list, your doctor
>(at least in Ontario) can fill out a form for an exemption in your case.
>This does not, admittedly, extend to pumps or pump or testing supplies.
>Medical expenses, if high enough, can also be used as a tax deduction.

But if your income is low you cannot use medical expenses as a tax 
deduction since the deduction is more or less based on percentage of 
income.  Thus the higher your family income the more tax credits one 
can receive for medical expenses.

>See above. It's worth it. I have friends in the States who are ill and
>cannot afford to see a specialist. This is a crime.

Well,  I can't afford it either because in order to get a diabetes 
team here in Canada one must fly to the USA and use American 
professionals unless one is prepared to wait many years to get to see 

>>  Back in NS, where I used to live, pumps were forbidden and to
>>  this day the meal plan and two injections per day is the norm.  Carb
>>  counting and pumps are illegal.
>Please explain this "forbidden" and "illegal". I have heard no such thing,
>and I'm a fairly well informed person. No province would get away with
>declaring pumps, let alone carb-counting, "illegal". Let's not create more

Pumps are *illegal* in Nova Scotia by way of (as of 1999) there being 
absolutely no endos who would prescribe a pump (adults).  The 
government will not spend the money on bringing the diabetes 
specialists up to date thus by way of economic control the government 
has made pumps illegal.  In fact I even had to pay 15% sales tax on 
my pump!  I have the receipt!

Carb Counting:  I have seen the "top" diabetes endos in Nova Scotia 
and as of 1999 they refused to see patients who used carb counting. 
Diabetes Clinics do not even know about carb counting.  I had to move 
to Ontario to even have a value hope of being allowed to see an endo 
because I use the pump.

Thus, again by way of lack of economic support to educate medial 
personnel (at least in eastern Canada) many "modern aspects of DM are 
made "Illegal" as the only way oner can use carb counting or a pump 
and have a diabetes team you must move to another province or buy 
your equipment illegally without a prescription.

I have dealt with eastern Canada governments at an intimate level in 
the past.  I have been dealing with  DM for 29 years.  The USA system 
is not perfect but I believe it to be superior to the Canadian 
healthcare system (and cheaper although funded by a different means).

I have close friends in California and other parts of the USA.  They 
get far cheaper and better quality DM services than anything I have 
ever heard of in Canada!


Darrin Parker
Ontario, Canada

I have used the insulin infusion pump for over a year thanks to the 
support of wonderful internet friends & the 

The Pump gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of 
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