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Re: [IP] Re: Warranty =new pump?

I had to pay $1000 out of pocket to get my pump.  This means that I could have
two out of warranty repairs for the price of one new pump.  But...

My issue isn't with replacing pumps that have shown to be unreliable due to
repairs after the warranty period expires.   My issue is with people who think
that replacing a pump just because the warranty has expired is a fiscally
responsible thing to do.

If it still works and hasn't had to be fixed, why replace it?

--- Jenny Sutherland <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well, I am glad someone has enough money to fix an out of warranty object,
> or may be willing to go for months until the insurance decides if the new
> one is needed or not when it DOES break down. In many cases it takes MONTHS
> to get them to listen to you, and then you MAY have to appeal a denial!
> Meanwhile, the pump which WAS working has decided to 'die' and to get it
> fixed/replaced will cost YOU about $500.00? If you can do it, great. Many of
> us cannot,...
> MY income is $9,200.00 a YEAR, and now after paying all my bills, *I* have
> $29.00 to buy groceries with for the month of November!... so if it means
> covering our hiney by 'Burdening' the insurance company, hey....I think
> that's what the premiums are about?
> Some of us have had bad experiences by waiting till the last minute to go
> for new things, only to be in major 'diffs' because of it.
> IMHO, THAT'S why my answer to your question:
> > Is it really fair to burden the insurance companies by having them pay to
> > replace equipment that still works properly?
> is YES.

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