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Re: [IP] Looking for New Pump

On 1 Nov 2002 at 13:38, trifona wrote:

> I am aware that it is called the "audio bolus".  I was only pointing
> out the fact that it can not be used to bolus the same way & as
> discreetly as the HTRON bolus buttons can.  Doesn't really matter to
> me too much, just pointing it out for others not in the know. 
> Definitely a YMMV type thing.
> Harry

What I am pointing out is the misunderstanding.  You called it a "tactile bolus" and it is an 
"Audio Bolus" which works pretty much the same as the H-tron.  True, the H-tron can be 
set to silent, but to get the same with the Animas you just use the Menu Bolus to achieve 
that.  The Animas Audio Bolus does exactly what it is called.  If you want "discretion" or 
"tactile bolus", use the Menu.   YMMV;  Your Menu May Vary!          ;>)


> On 10/31/02 2:26 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > I also tried the Animas pump.  I did not like it for several reasons:
> > 3) There is a tactile bolus button which can be used under clothing.
> > However, it is accompanied by loud beeps as well as a confirmation button
> > requirement. This is not ideal if you want privacy while bolusing in public.
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