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[IP] UPS overnight

The reason the pump cannot be overnighted is because of how late this whole 
thing happened. It was nearly 11pm here in Chicago when this happened and 8 
pm in California where MiniMed is located. They are sending it out today and 
it will be getting to me as soon as possible. If I had been *lucky* this 
could have occurred during business hours.
On another note, as of today I have lived with diabetes for 14 years. Hard to 

believe there was 7 years I was diabetes free ... its a part of my life like 
my brown hair.

Adriana I guess you are right. I called Disetronic at 11:30 AM and they are 
in St. Paul, MN 1 hour behind me on the East Coast. I did get my new D-tron 
at 10:30 this AM. The UPS driver shocked me being so early. Most times they 
show up at my house in the afternoon time slot. It must have been because it 
was flown overnight. I hope you don't have to go on the NPH. Good luck with 
the new pump! I know what you are saying about the 7 years without D. 
Congrads on the 14 year mark. I can't remember not having D. I was only 2 
when I started insulin. I have another 30 days to my 55th anniversary of D 
Roger C
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