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Re: [IP] average monthly costs of being on a pump

In a message dated 11/1/02 11:17:04 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> At 10:28 AM 11/1/02, Jan wrote:
> >There were aat least 17 things I learned in the last 3.5 yrs and I have
> >learned to test at least 6x a day, and often do more than 10. The only way
> >to know how a bolus/basal is working for the time of day or the food, is to
> >test. Listen to Wilfred Brimley who says, Test, and test often. There's no
> >reason not to. YMMV (~_^)
> Yes there is... your insurance might not want to pay for you to "test 
> often" and the cost may be more for someone to handle.
> RoseLea
> who's constantly fighting the insurance company

I know what you mean Roselea.  And try it without insurance.

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