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RE: [IP] Quick Sets vs. Silhouettes

Lindsey tried one or two of the soft-sets, which I believe are just like the
quick-sets, but with tails. She didn't like them AT ALL, said they hurt, she
tried both with and without an inserter, then went to the comfort, aka
silhouette. Said they don't hurt at all. Never have had a crimped set, but
talking to a D friend, he said he had a few crimped in his stomach till he
started crunching his muscles just before insertion. Night give that a try.

I understand the 90 sets are much more likely to crimp than the angled ones.

Good luck
Mike Swaithes
Dad to Lindsey (12)

-----Original Message-----
From: Shawna

I've been using Quick Sets with the 6 mm cannula since I started pumping 2
months go.  Lately I've been having problems with the cannula crimping or
kinking and have had to change my site out 5 times in the past 8 days.
to this, I had a couple of kinks, always when I went to high up on my
so I switched to my hips or insert lower into the fattier part of my
But this past week I've even had crimps from those sites, some in less than
hours.  Two of the 5 times there was no visible crimp after I pulled out the
set, but my numbers had been unexplainably higher, even after doing
boluses and cranking up my basal, so there had to be some problem.  I don't
know if the cannula straightened out after removing it, if it was clogged,
if my site just wasn't as efficient anymore.  There was no redness or
around the sites, although I had intermittent pain from one.  By the way, I
never got a "No Delivery" alarm on any of these, although I had one several
weeks ago that woke me up in the middle of the night.  I've been thinking of
switching to Silhouettes, but saw that someone else on this list had a
crimping problem with those.  I've also been reluctant to try them, just
because they seem more difficult to insert and look a little intimidating.
I'm interested in knowing if any of you prefer one over the other and if you
use the inserter or not.  Also, do you have better numbers overall and
longer-lasting sites?

Thanks for any info,
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