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[IP] possible remedy for neuropathy pain

<Have you ever tried Neurontin? It worked great for me.>

<My endo said that neurontin would probably be more effective, but that I
have to take it 3x/day (possibly 2x if I was lucky).>

<I am now on 800 mg 3 times a day. If you go on this dosage, don't be
surprised if you feel drunk a lot of the time.>

<One side effect that I experienced was light headiness,>

Where possible, I don't want to add any more medications to an already
complicated regiment.

<Oh my, oh my, oh my! Depending on the RR track, I often have to let
loose of
the steering wheel since I can't stand vibrations with my sensitive
This is definitely YMMV (~_^)>

That's why the subject line says POSSIBLE remedy...

<Interesting, I am taking 600 Mg of Tegretol for Neuropathy.  And, you're
right.  Doesn't do a darn thing if you don't take it during the day.  I
walking in my hallway at home and noticed that the floor had suddenly
"very uneven".  So, at least I know what that is all about.>

I was prescribed Tegretol also, it made me very sick as most pain
medications do.

Okay, I have learned my lesson, keep my ideas to myself, was only trying
to help.

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