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Re: [IP] Refurbished pumps and MiniMed Service

The reason the pump cannot be overnighted is because of how late this whole 
thing happened. It was nearly 11pm here in Chicago when this happened and 8 
pm in California where MiniMed is located. They are sending it out today and 
it will be getting to me as soon as possible. If I had been *lucky* this 
could have occurred during business hours. But Diabetes doesn't listen to the 
rest of the world nor does it always do what we want it to do. While I am not 
thrilled about the aspect of being on shots I feel very lucky that I just so 
happen to have an appointment with my endo this afternoon. Personally I am 
overjoyed by the fabulous service I received. The lady made sure that I felt 
comfortable with what we were doing and was very concerned about what was 
happening to me. 

On another note, as of today I have lived with diabetes for 14 years. Hard to 
believe there was 7 years I was diabetes free ... its a part of my life like 
my brown hair.


In a message dated 11/1/2002 5:20:20 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> In a message dated 10/31/02 8:12:32 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
> >
> >Oh what an evening I have had. My Paradigm flipped out and died tonight. I 
> >called minimed immediately and I didn't have to wait to be triaged. The 
> >technician called me back in less than 10 min. Deborah was wonderful. 
> Turns 
> >
> >out there is something wrong with the battery and instead of me spending 
> >the 
> >entire night fooling around with it we both felt I was better off getting 
> a 
> >
> >replacement. After the recent thread about refurbished pumps I was 
> >skeptical. 
> >When I voiced my concern she told me that the only part of the refurbished 
> >pump that was old was the motor. The serial number is connected to the 
> >motor. 
> >Every refurbished pump goes through the same testing that all new pumps go 
> >through. She said that because of government regulations they must closely 
> >look at each pump and fix whatever is wrong with them. MiniMed makes a 
> >point 
> >of exceeding the standards that the FDA sets. We then talked about 
> costumer 
> >
> >service. She told me that they have been training new people. The training 
> >takes 3 months. When I got off the phone I hung up with a sense that 
> >MiniMed 
> >is working hard to help their customers. I understand that there are many 
> >people who have not had such a good experience with MiniMed, but I just 
> >wanted to share the positive experience I had in a bad situation. 
> >
> >Adriana, who is dreading going back to shots until noon on Saturday, dxd 
> >11/1/88 pumping 1992 mm 506/507
> I don't understand why you must go to shots till Sat. most often they will 
> overnight a pump to you. I called Disetronic at Noon of the 31 st 
> yesterday. 
> I have had the problem of the D tron retracting push rod. It would happen 
> only once in a wile, but now it happens most times I install the new 
> cartridge. The tech said she would overnight a new pump to me. I asked her 
> if 
> it would be a refurbished pump. Her answer was no we do not refurbish 
> pumps. 
> She then told me my pump would be sent to Switzerland to be taken apart. I 
> guess I will tell all my hockey players its a new hockey puck on my side 
> Roger C
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