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Re: [IP] Exercise - 20 minute workout

I have some tips or maybe just comments about a 'short' workout. I am a certified couch potato! Maybe a 'puter chair potato'! LOL Anyways...in February, we got a puppy. I soon learned that a "tired puppy is a good puppy". So, we started going for walks- 2-3 times a day. Usually just 1/3 of a mile around our block. Since February, I have worked it up to 2 walks a day, with the one in the morning being closer to one mile, if not more. I have lost 15 pounds!  

Before all of this, I would NOT exercise at all, because I thought that I had to walk for 3-4 miles for at least an hour for it to 'do' anything. These walks take me anywhere from 10-20 minutes. The hardest part is just getting your shoes on. Once you do that the rest is easy! 

One more tip. Get a pedometer!!  Wear it allll day. I have read that you should 'shoot' to walk 10,000 steps a day to have a good walking regimen. These steps are counted all day...from the tv to the bathroom to the fridge. LOL  Just try to get to 10,000 steps a day and you will be moving!
Good Luck! 
I just hope I can keep this up through the cold and windy Ohio winter....brrrrr!!
Mary Beth

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>A few days ago, there was an inquiry by a 17 year old person, asking
>several questions.  One was that he was looking for a for a twenty minute
>exercise workout in order to get in shape.  While I am sure there are
>newer workout ideas, I would recommend he look for something like the
>Royal Canadian Exercise program.  I recall that was a very popular book
>when I was approximately his age.  The best part of the program was that
>it assumed the individual had no physical capabilities and progressed at
>a very conservative rate, thereby reducing the chance of hurting oneself.
> I checked Amazon and was surprised to see the book is out of print, but
>is apparently available through their used book section.
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Mary Beth
mom to Catie, 12, dx'd 4-5-2002
Maddie, 10
Julia, 8
wife to Doug

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