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Re: [IP] Regular insulin

> >>>We don't have a prescription for Regular,  >>>
Jan, I think I worded that  wrong.    I do know that a prescr. isn't needed
for Regular, just the analogs.   I think what I was trying to say or thinking
about was more along the lines of the fact that we haven't had a
prescr. for Regular in a LONG time.   Zach switched to humalog a few
years ago and then also switched from NPH to Lantus as soon as it
was available.   He was the first Ped. at Cardinal Glennon Children's
Hospt in St. Louis to use either of these insulins.

So I would be sorta lost even trying to guess how much regular to give and
when to give it.    When the 2nd Paradigm gave out,  his Endo from there
said he could reintro Lantus and some humalog to get through the night
and then again in the AM till the pump arrived, but that we'd have to
monitor carefully all night.   Plus,  reduce basils when the pump came
to make up for the residual Lantus in his system and monitor carefully
for the next day till is was gone.

I just figured with all that monitoring,  it was just easier to do the mini
injections of humalog to cover his basils every 1-2 hours, plus his
food.    It actually worked out quite fine on both occassions.   And
to the loaner pump wasn't a problem as we just picked up where the
normal basils would be at that particular hour.


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