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Re: [IP] mail from an IPer? Or a VIRUS????

On 30 Nov 2001 at 19:20, Sam wrote:

> At 06:47 PM 11/30/01 email @ redacted wrote:
>  >I just received some mail.  It looked like it might have been from 
> someone on
>  >the IP list in regards to my Charcot Foot question.  The only thing with it
>  >was something that needed to be downloaded.  I did not open it since I 
> didn't
>  >know who sent it to me.  If this is something you wanted to let me know,
>  >could you e-mail me again and tell me about it.
> That was a smart choice. Many members have become infected by opening 
> attachments sent to them by friends who had previously become infected. 
> Make sure that you never open up attachments, no matter who sent it to you. 
> Also make sure that your email program does not ever run/open attachments 
> automatically.
> Sam

That is very true, Sam.  Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided for everyone that many email programs WILL run these scripts automatically and seem to do their best at 
defeating our attempts to protect ourselves.

I URGE everyone on the mailing list to get an Anti-Virus program running and up to date on your computer NOW!  This is the time of year when more and more Virus 
outbreaks happen.  Sooner or later YOU ARE going to be fooled by one of these, maybe it will be from a very close relative or unsuspected friend, and maybe it will look so 
normal and innocent and BOOM! you are going to be infected and spreading the same problem to Everyone in your address books. 

There are many different A-V products that are available as either Freeware, Shareware or as full functioning Demos for thirty days.                                         
These downloads available at a Tucows site in your area along with many other sites.  The Tucows system will show you ratings, prices and details for downloading and 
installing these system savers.  PLEASE, install A-V NOW!!!

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