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[IP] RE: passing out - UPDATE

Hi Susan!

I have a suggestion...Diabetic Promotions at
www.diabeticpromotions.com has some Cadex watches (they look like
sport watches) that have 12 alarms on them. They also have a
medical alert button on them that stores all sorts of info about
the person (this is NOT meant to replace medical alert ID but
rather, for additional peace of mind). I put 'type 1 diabetes -
insulin pump - novolog' in my daughter's. I also have my and my
husband's names and phone number, allergies (penicillin), the
dr's name and phone number and hospital, our insurance company
info and ID#, her birthdate, etc in there. It is $39...sort of
pricey but well worth it. With all the alarms there is no way you
could ever forget to do a bg or anything else. ;) I use the
alarms to remind her when to take her cholesterol meds 2x/day and
also when we do basal testing so that I don't have to nag her to
do bgs. At the right time, the message 'check bg' appears on the
screen (or in the case of her cholesterol meds, 'colestipol').
This watch also comes in very handy when she spends the night
somewhere. All I have to do is set an alarm ('call home') to
remind her to call me at the right time so she can check in with
me before she goes to bed. Pretty cool. :)

I'm with you on the punishing thing. I can overlook occasional
forgetting (to do bgs and boluses). That is just being human to
forget and even the adults with diabetes do it. But...when it
becomes a habit it should be stopped. This is their health on the
line, after all. Depending on what kind of kid he is and how he
responds to things, I'd either take the nintendo or offer an
incentive of some sort to help him remember better. I'm
interested in hearing what the adults here who grew up with
diabetes have to say on this.

Take care, Kerri
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Susan said:
It looks like the school is now willing to do whatever is
necessary to help
Cory be safe at school.  That is what they say but I'll have to
see it to
believe it.  Meanwhile I have reduced his afternoon basal a
little bit and
have told him to test b/s before band (last period).  He's not
doing too well
on the testing though.  He says he "forgets" so I am writing a
reminder in
his lesson planner.  If this doesn't work, does anyone know what
will?  We
were trained that you are not supposed to punish a child for
anything related
to diabetes.  If I could punish him by taking away the Nintendo,
I bet he'd
remember a lot more.  It just might be necessary for me to break
Another thing I am doing is having him eat a small piece of candy
on the way
home from the school.  We are very close, I can actually see the
school light
from our house.  I used to walk him to and from school, but as
you know
Grandma's are not allowed to walk 12 year old boys back and forth
school!  He'd probably rather die!
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