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[IP] Re: hair loss/gain

Hair loss and gain in the "wrong" places are symptoms of starvation, or
metabolic irregularity in general.  Now in the old days, which is really not
that long ago, checking for hair in an unusual spot, would signal poorly
controlled diabetes or any other metabolic disorder, since the cells start
acting in starvation mode.  You can go show him pictures of anorexics to
prove this point.  This is an unreliable test because people of different
ethnicities will tend to have hair in different places, and people in
general are all different.
This doctor probably knows the one who insisted I was a vegetarian because
the palms of my hands are orange.  They *turned* orange because I eat a lot
of carrots, hence carotenemia, not because I don't eat meat, cause trust me,
I do.  Furthermore, if anything, hairy knuckles would be an indicator that
something is wrong, if he didn't used to have hairy knuckles, because it
means the body is trying to protect itself.
Go back and tell doc in the box to review his notes, because he would flunk
medical school for missing the point too often.  Point is:  diabetes can
cause symptoms of starvation, like hair or no hair in odd spots, sometimes
the hair goes away when you get tight control, sometimes you never have this
type of symptom, but blood tests should be diagnostic tools, not eighteenth
century myths.
There are diseases where fingerprints or "palm reading" will tell you what a
person has, diabetes is not one of them (Turner's Syndrome and Down's
Syndrome both are but there are plenty of other more useful diagnostic tools
to treat them too.)
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