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[IP] changing basal rate every day

 Hi Everyone,
  I have a question ? 
 I have been pumping for 5 days and I have been calling my b/g into the 
doctors office every day he calles back and changes the rate a little I do 
not have a problem with this but until the basals are set they do not want me 
to eat snacks and want me to eat between 75 and 90 carb for breakfast , 
lunch, and dinner. The question is this-
I have diagestion problems and have not been able to eat large meals in about 
6 years I have been eating 6 small meals a day is it possible to set basal 
rates when you eat 6 times a day? Tonight we ate dinner around 5pm and it is 
now 8:15pm and I feel like I am starving. My blood sugars have been as 
   9pm- 120-130
   midnight- 175-200
   3am- 225-260
  during the day they run between 125-250 I correct for high b/g at every 
meal and I am on a 28:1 carb ratio. Right now the basal rate I am doing (as 
of today)
    midnight to 3am - .4 
    3am to 7am - .5
   7am to 10am - .4
   10am to midnight - .3
 I know I need to change these rates I do not like my b/g being in the 200's 
most of the day. If you were me what would you do?
  I want to take charge and be in control but this is new to me so I need the 
help of the experts. 
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