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[IP] Testing 2 hrs post-meal - why??

> What am I missing here?  What is the objective of testing 2-hours
> post-meal?

Yes, if H in system for 3.5-4hr, high Bg 2hr pp, you may not be in good-
excellent range come 3.5-4hr.
I test 2 hr pp and most often if higher bg then I want (well, higher than I
should have) I take a correction bolus so in 4 hrs, I will be in excellent
carb/insulin ratio, wrong basal, type of food , balance of food, amount of
food, exercise all make a difference with me.  Maybe the 3.5 hr test lets you
know carb/insulin ratio not perfected as that is an hour for personal
adjustment?  Testing & correcting does work at 3 hr, I feel better physically
correcting at 2 hr.  I think different endos think different things. IMO.
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