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[IP] Re: passing out - UPDATE

It looks like the school is now willing to do whatever is necessary to help 
Cory be safe at school.  That is what they say but I'll have to see it to 
believe it.  Meanwhile I have reduced his afternoon basal a little bit and 
have told him to test b/s before band (last period).  He's not doing too well 
on the testing though.  He says he "forgets" so I am writing a reminder in 
his lesson planner.  If this doesn't work, does anyone know what will?  We 
were trained that you are not supposed to punish a child for anything related 
to diabetes.  If I could punish him by taking away the Nintendo, I bet he'd 
remember a lot more.  It just might be necessary for me to break training 
Another thing I am doing is having him eat a small piece of candy on the way 
home from the school.  We are very close, I can actually see the school light 
from our house.  I used to walk him to and from school, but as you know 
Grandma's are not allowed to walk 12 year old boys back and forth from 
school!  He'd probably rather die!  
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