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[IP] Choosing a pump

I have found the Minimed folk to be kind, supportive
and good on the follow-through. My Minimed pump rep
was amazing, is a pump user herself, and checks up on
me every so often (6 months later). She helped me more
than my endo did through some really tough times with
infusion sets. So far, (knock on wood) my Minimed pump
works great (though not waterproof, and without cool
colorful accessories) and is smaller than the Animas
and Disetronic. I have been involoved with reps at
Disetronic in trying samples of sets and they were
wonderful too. I'm sure both companies have good and
bad reps, but I think you can get what you need
service-wise from any pump company. The details of the
pump itself are the main concern.

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