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Re: [IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:14:59 -0600 Michael English <email @ redacted>

I really don't know much about the Animas, but have been using the MM508
for the past month. I've seen the Paradigm at a pump conference and was
able to play around with it. It has many features that the 508 is
missing, waterproof as mentioned, I wouldn't worry about having it in
the water more than 30min, Unless you are 8 feet under water for that
period of time. The Para also has easier menu than the 508. There are no
clicking noises like the 508, not sure if the Animas clicks. The
paradigm will also handle prefilled cartridges in the future. Also it's
30% smaller than the 508 and i believe smaller than the Animas(Correct
me if i'm wrong someone) The GMS(glucose monitoring system) may
eventually be combined with the pump to be able to check sugar without
pricks and adjust accordingly from one machine. The Paradigm has the
technology to incorporate this once available down the road. I'm am
looking forward to getting my paradigm and don't mind being a guinea pig.
Just my point of view, again one sided because i've yet to see the Animas.


No - there are no clicking noises with the Animas.  I have been pumping with
my Animas for 3 days now - after my MM 507 died.  Also -- from what I
understand -- yes, the Pardigm uses prefilled cartridges, but will only hold
160 units of insulin.  How much insulin do you use daily?  This might be
something to consider, because the Animas holds a full 300 unit cartridge.
Yes, you have to fill it yourself, but if you use a little more insulin, you
won't have to be constantly changing the reservoir.

The Animas is waterproof -- as long as you replace the O-ring around the
battery door with every battery change.

Animas is also working on a "closed loop" system - where everything runs from
one machine, including blood sugar checks.  I don't know much more about this,
other than they are working on it.

If you order your Animas before December 31, as a Christmas present to us,
they are sending us a Palm Pilot with their EZ Manager software to keep track
of blood sugar levels, etc.

And - depending on how vain you are (LOL) - Animas has different colored
fashion covers and reusable decorative stickers - things you can use to help
coordinate the pump with your outfit or whatever.

MM and Animas are both great companies -- I just liked the Animas a little
better.  And the fact that the Paradigm will only hold 160 units of insulin --
so I'd be changing reservoirs every 2 to 3 days.  Thought this might run into
more money.

Just my thoughts here.

Deb in Southern Illinois
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