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Just a comment about the choice of pumps.  I have worn a MM pump since for 18
years.  I believe I have had EVERY single MM pump through the years, as my
insurance company always paid for me to upgrade.  I have been with them as
they evolved from their beginnings as a company-not unlike Animas now.  
I am very satisfied with Mini-Med.  I have never had a static alarm.  The
thing I like best about Mini-Med is that, on the rare occasions which I have
had a problem, they will overnight a loaner pump to anywhere-they will stay
on the phone with you for as long as it takes to identify the problem,
etc.--IOW, they have always been there going above and beyond to service
their product.  I TRUST them totally.
I now have a 508.  I also plan to upgrade to the Paradym when it becomes
available.  I am interested in the closed-loop technology which has been
talked about for years, because to me, that is basically going to be our
cure.  I want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and feel fortunate
that I was aware enough 18 years ago, to seek out the insulin pump as a tool
for my diabetes control. (this was when practically no one was convinced a
pump was a good thing, and it CERTAINLY wouldn't have been recommended for a
child)  I really feel Mini-Med will be the first to perfect a closed-loop
system, and I want to be in line when it happens.
There is a certain groove you fall into with pump therapy. I think a lot of
us who are happy with Mini-Med do not feel that we have to speak up and sell
the product-their record speaks for itself.  I also think you will be happy
with whichever pump you select.  Good Luck with what will be your new and
improved control!  Lisa

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email @ redacted writes:

> We are all different and look for different things in our personal care of
> our disease. (And by the way, the MM pump doesn't have to be in the 'ugly'
> leather case all the time.  There are many cases to choose from.)
> I love my MM 508 and don't think that I will be upgrading to the Paradigm.
> My 508 as all the feature that I feel I will ever need.  I wouldn't be
> training patients for MM if I didn't think so.
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