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[IP] 2 hour check - pump alarm

People have been wondering about an alarm to remind you to check your BS and
someone said they should put an alarm on the pump.  The animas has this
feature - it is called "Auto - Off or Auto - On" and is under the Setup menu
under advanced features.  You can set it to Off or On and can put any amount
of time in it.  What it does is that if you set it On and put 2 hours for the
time - if you do NOT push any buttons on your pump it will give you an alarm
two hours after the last time you touched the pump (which would probably be
your meal bolus).  If you do touch any buttons during this two hours the alarm
won't go off.  This feature could easily be used to remind you to check your
sugars.  My rep told me it is used a lot by people who live alone - like if
they usually go to bed at 10 pm and wake at 6 am but might be prone to low
sugars during the night they can set it for 8 hours and then the pump would
alarm at 6 am each morning - one person who traveled alone a lot always used
this just to make sure if her sugars went low at night that she would
(hopefully) eventually hear the pump alarm at 6 am and wake up.  One person
who had a very busy schedule also set hers on everyday at noon for 6 hours to
remind her to eat again at 6 pm because she was one of those people who just
never thought of food and without a reminder would never eat supper.  So this
feature can be used in many ways for whatever you choose.
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