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[IP] Pump shopping is definitely worse than car shopping

Regarding some of the prior posts:

One year ago I met with a Dis rep, an Animas rep, and a MM rep; all to find
out about their respective pumps to make my choice.  My CDE already had
patients on Dis and MM but none on Animas but she wouldn't put in her opinion;
she wanted the final decision to be all mine.  The Dis and Animas reps just
told me about the features on their own products and did not mention any other
companies at all even though they knew I was meeting with reps from all
companies.  BUT the MM rep spent more time bashing the  other two pumps than
he did showing me what his pump  would do.  I had initially asked him about
the 3 min delivery on basals vs 20 mins and from that point he spent more time
telling me what he thought were "bad" things about the other two pumps, etc.
SO, I guess it just depends on the actual rep that you talk to and how he/she
spends their time trying to sell their product.  I too was put off by this
fact and always think if a company/rep believes in what they are selling, they
shouldn't be talking about the competition but just selling their own
My 2 cents worth.
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